Balkon Indonesia is a service company engaged in the field of architecture, interior, and urban design. The company was established in 2017 in Banda Aceh City by 4 young architects who share the same vision. In its development, Balkon Indonesia is engaged in many other services that support the ‘vision’ and ‘work culture’ of the company. Balkon Indonesia believes that architecture is a complex dimension, requires the involvement of various skills applied through collaborative work culture. Balkon Indonesia dedicated to empowering local communities to optimize their expertises to entering global business world.


Miftah Faridzsyah



Urban Designer

Nur Ikhsan


Saifan Nur




Head Of Project Manager at PT. BALKON

Zahara Nuris

General Manager at PT. BALKON

Muhammad Tayuddin

Site Manager at PT. BALKON

Ariana Desqi

Junior Architect at PT. BALKON

Chossy Al Hafidz V

Junior Architect at PT. BALKON

Aslan Saputra

Web Developer/ Founder

Muhammad Fauzan

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at PT. BALKON Jakarta


Chief Operational Officer (COO) at PT. BALKON Jakarta

Nurrul Helen

General Manager at PT.BALKON Jakarta

Muhammad Farhan Barona

Site Engineer at PT. BALKON Jakarta

Abdul Hafidz

Owner Hopes Product


Head Of Business Management at Hopes Product


Senior Craftsman

Mr Syam Nur

Senior Craftsman

Fitria Sari

Freelancer Architect/ Owner PQ

Pocut Hefanirada

Junior Architect / Drafter at Kana Drafter

Andika Achmar

Director at Guanta Group

Abrar Ridhatul Akmal

Junior Architect / Drafter at Kana Drafter

Bang Tony

Senior Craftsman


Freelancer Architect


Senior Craftsman

Ilham Firmansyah

Junior Architect / Drafter at Kana Drafter

Fajri Nur Sofian

Owner Baru Tabina Company

High-level Architect team with an entrepreneurial spirit.